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Sacred Love Journey, Fire Ceremony and Potluck

Celebrate Valentine's Day in a New Way with a Love Intention Journey, Fire Ceremony and Potluck! Perfect for singles and couples.

Sacred Love is the Love that exists at all times, in all places and under all circumstances. It is this Love that will be the focus of our Valentine’s Day Celebration. And it is with this Sacred Love that we will infuse all of our relationships, first and foremost our relationship with ourselves.

The Love Intention Journey will take us to the places within ourselves where we block Sacred Love. We will offer those blockages to a Sacred Fire with gratitude for the service those blockages offered us at some point in our lives. With the blockages cleared, we will have room in ourselves for Sacred Love and we will carry that Love into every relationship in ours lives.

The potluck will give us an opportunity to share a space of Sacred Love with each other and to practice experiencing Sacred Love within ourselves and within the context of Sacred Community.

Open to 13 participants. Register Now in two easy steps:  

1. Sign up for the ceremony at to confirm that there is still space.  

2Confirm your commitment with a $108 gifting via or Directions to the location for this event will be sent after confirmation is received.

If you would like to offer more, or present an additional form of gratitude offering, you may do so after the Despacho Ceremony. To provide perspective, when I used to participate in Sweat Lodge, it was my practice to offer $108 as a gift to the Medicine Man. Sacred events require an immense amount of energy and internal resources from the practitioner. To maintain Ayni, reciprocity, it is important to reciprocate the value received. We each carry that knowing in our heart.

It is traditional to have a community potluck after participating in ceremony together. Please bring an allergy friendly dish to share. If you need suggestions, feel free to contact me!