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Sacred Souls Ofrenda and Fire Ceremony 10/31

COME Celebrate, Honor and Nurture departed friends, family and pets with an Ofrenda Altar and Fire Ceremony, in the FUN SPIRITS of related holidays: Halloween, All Souls Day, Samhain and Day of the Dead!

With its goodies and beauty, an Ofrenda provides an apropos platform for Celebrating, Honoring and Nurturing those loved ones who have gone before us. Fire Ceremony gives us, and our ancestors, the opportunity to let go of that which no longer serves us on our journey and to call in that which will propel and uplift us forward.

Open to 18 participants. Register Now in two easy steps:  

1. Sign up for the ceremony at to confirm that there is still space.  

2. Confirm your commitment with a $33 gifting via or Directions to the location for this event will be sent after confirmation is received.

If you would like to offer more, or present an additional form of gratitude offering, you may do so after the Fire Ceremony. To maintain Ayni, reciprocity, it is important to reciprocate the value received. We each carry that knowing in our heart.

It is traditional to have a community potluck after participating in ceremony together.  For this event we will simply share drinks and snacks. Please bring an allergy friendly goodie to share. If you need suggestions, feel free to contact me!