SHAMANIC SOLUTIONS: Spirit Energy Medicine Services

Photo: Mount Shasta, Northern California, USA — Jennifer Craig


Clear your troubles. Share your joy!

SHAMANIC SOLUTIONS envisions a world in which we intentionally, respectfully and sustainably utilize all of our many resources, inner and outer. In the realm of well-being, our many inner resources are often overlooked. These inner resources are the power tools each of us were born with to help us build a better world from the inside out, both for ourselves and for the good of all. Discovering, appreciating and utilizing these precious inner resources is the foundation for the work that I share with you.

Learn More About Jennifer

Learn More About Jennifer


The Tri-State area’s “Smiling Shaman”

The shaman….
Is a person of knowledge and power.
Uses power and knowledge in service.
Knows that love is the organizing principle of the universe.
Knows that creation is not complete – we help dream the world into being.
— Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.