Jaguar Fight-or-Flight Reset
In-person or remote
45 minutes, Regularly $75 per session

May & June Special*: $55 Single Session, $150 Three Sessions,

Bringing Jaguar Down from the Tree

Cultures of all times and places have unique ways of understanding phenomena. In the case of stress and trauma, the healers of the Peruvian Amazon region see an activated Fight-Flight-or-Freeze response as Jaguar being up the tree. Consider a frightened house cat running for its life from the neighboring dog and finding itself up a tree, arched and hissing at any sign of movement around it. That’s us after trauma and chronic stress. And many of us just cannot snap out of it.

An energetic healing technique, still used in the Amazon today, and taught in the core curriculum of The Four Winds Society Healing the Light Body School, resets our survival response by activating our parasympathetic nervous system, and the Rest-Digest-Stay-and-Play state in which the body is designed to heal itself. The Jaguar Reset technique results in a profound realignment of our shallow and disordered adrenal pulse with the energized, yet calm and deep pulse of the Earth Mother. 

*must be booked and paid in advance

“Jennifer did some absolutely amazing healing work for a group of combat veterans while she was living in Durango. Her ability to diminish the negative energy that comes with PTSD and shift it to a positive was not only her way of giving back to the community but has had lasting effects on the group as a whole and for the individuals who trusted her enough to receive the healing. Thank you so very much Jennifer.”
— Gregory Hopkins, Pararescueman
I have never been so relaxed before. I was awake, but so deeply relaxed it was like I was in deep sleep. I thought the noise in the kitchen would bother me, but it didn’t. I could hear it, but it didn’t affect me at all.
— A Family Member
During my Decoupling session with Jennifer, energy flowed in, which healed and filled an empty area. The images that she received from my body enabled me to deeply shift the energy in another area. I am looking forward to experiencing more sessions with Jennifer.
— Beverly S.