Scheduling Options

Some services are only available after an initial consultation. The services below can be scheduled anytime. Also, some services are available both in-person and remotely. Other services are available only in person. For some in-person only services, clients may choose between a "Housecall/Location Visit" or coming to my workspace. Available options will be noted.

Please Note: Mileage may be charged for housecalls/location visits as appropriate. A studio fee will be charged if renting a local work space is necessary. Please inquire about sliding scale if that is appropriate. 

JaguaR Fight-or-Flight Reset
In-person or remote
45 minutes, $75

Bringing Jaguar Down from the Tree

Cultures of all times and places have unique ways of understanding phenomena. In the case of stress and trauma, the healers of the Peruvian Amazon region see an activated Fight-Flight-or-Freeze response as Jaguar being up the tree. Consider a frightened house cat running for its life from the neighboring dog and finding itself up a tree, arched and hissing at any sign of movement around it. That’s us after trauma and chronic stress. And many of us just cannot snap out of it.

An energetic healing technique, still used in the Amazon today, and taught in the core curriculum of The Four Winds Society Healing the Light Body School, resets our survival response by activating our parasympathetic nervous system, and the Rest-Digest-Stay-and-Play state in which the body is designed to heal itself. The Jaguar Reset technique results in a profound realignment of our shallow and disordered adrenal pulse with the energized, yet calm and deep pulse of the Earth Mother.

Jennifer did some absolutely amazing healing work for a group of combat veterans while she was living in Durango. Her ability to diminish the negative energy that comes with PTSD and shift it to a positive was not only her way of giving back to the community but has had lasting effects on the group as a whole and for the individuals who trusted her enough to receive the healing. Thank you so very much Jennifer.
— Gregory Hopkins, Pararescueman

In-person or remote
90 minutes, $150

Illuminations are a site-specific clearing of heavy or incompatible energies within the energy body and the subsequent filling of that site with the most refined and light of energies. On the surface, heavy or incompatible energies can take the form of unpleasant physical, mental or emotional conditions, destructive habits, imbalanced relationships and any number of things that “weigh on us” in one way or another.  Clearing such energies on the energetic level paves the way for making lasting changes in one's life.

I want to thank you for the time you worked with me prior to my knee surgeries.  Your work calmed my fears and put me back in touch with healing energies already in my body.  You were very intuitive and I have continued to use the wisdom you imparted to me.  Your work helped me to heal much faster and at a deeper level.
Thank you so much!  I hope to work with you again soon.
— P. Hartman

Fire Ceremony
In-person Only
60 minutes, $100

A fire ceremony allows us to quickly achieve desired energetic results in the same way that fire allows a piece of wood to transform back into energy much more quickly than if it was left to decompose on its own.  The Shamanic Practitioner builds, lights and tends the Sacred Fire, and assists participants to make their offerings in a good way.

Client is responsible for providing the firewood. Unique and sacred option for baby showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Jennifer is a gifted and intuitive facilitator. Bringing respect and knowledge to the process and ritual of the fire ceremony. Feeling the surrounding forest come alive with her focus and shamanic way has been a pleasure to experience. Opening with gratitude to the six directions, the group is guided as a whole to bring forth their own individual intent with the support of those present. The process of releasing and manifesting are eased into with thoughtful word and chant. The feeling of simple peace and joy have at times made it difficult to remain focused on the drive home. Always look forward to her gatherings, as those involved bring great conversation and tasty treats for sharing afterwards.
Thank you Jennifer for bringing your knowledge and smiling face to our area !
— Steven N.

Ayni despacho
in-person Only
4 hours, $350

A Peruvian gratitude bundle ceremony in which we give breath and voice to our gratitude for all the elements of the seen and unseen world, such as the sun, the oceans, abundant crops, the stars, mountains, rivers, love, companionship, money, and on and on. All of these objects of gratitude are represented by various items such as sea shells, gold foil, glitter, raisins, and so on, and are lovingly and with great attention arranged within a wrapping paper by the Shamanic Practitioner.

The Ayni Despacho is either burned, buried or put in a body of water by the Shamanic Practitioner and participants, depending on the intention of the despacho. Traditionally, the intention of an Ayni Despacho is to call in good crops, a good job, a relationship, or any number of other things we may want in our lives or in the life of our families and communities. Includes fire ceremony. Unique and sacred option for baby showers, bachelor / bachelorette parties, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Participating in Jenny’s Anyi Despacho Ceremony was a beautiful gift for my daughters and myself. I left feeling so rejuvenated and grateful. It was especially heart-warming to watch my daughters, who are often quite reserved, so openly and confidently participate in the ceremony. It was as if the ceremony itself drew them in and held them in a safe place. I am so grateful that Jenny is offering these ceremonies to the community, as I feel that they are integral to a healthy human existence.
— A. Kocis, Memorial Day 2018 Ayni Despacho Ceremony

Kutti Despacho
in-person only
4 hours, $500

A Peruvian clearing bundle ceremony in which we offer the heaviest and most incompatible of energies from each participant.  The Kutti Despacho is burned by the Shamanic Practitioner alone as an offering to the Pachamama, Earth Mother, who receives our waste energies as compost and food for sprouting new life. Includes fire ceremony. 

This ceremony is appropriate for situations in which heavy energy is manifesting in the form of constant "bad luck", recurring "accidents" or other persistent undesirable events, circumstances or occurrences.

Bands of protection
in-person only
45 minutes, gift exchange* $75

Rites that establish energetic “smart-boundaries” that serve the recipient for life. It is traditional to offer Sacred Rites free of charge. At the same time, it is equally traditional to offer the practitioner value in return for value received. 

death rites
in-person or Remote
60 minutes, gift exchange* $100-by donation

A beautiful ceremony for individuals and families facing the death of a loved one, whether imminent or recent, or even ancestral.  Also useful in exploring one’s own relationship to death and the soul’s journey. It is traditional to offer Sacred Rites free of charge. At the same time, it is equally traditional to offer the practitioner value in return for value received. 

space clearing
on location only
3+ hours, Starts At $375

The energetic housecleaning of a home, workspace or land to clear out heavy, stale and otherwise less than useful energy, including souls who have yet to successfully cross over and continue their after death journey in the appropriate planes of existence.

Jenny became a quick friend & a beacon of the warmest light of peace for my 5 yr old son!! She has been able to help us in so many ways; but I specifically wanted to highlight her work on our house clearing.
Being able to experience her knowledge, compassion, & strength in that process was truly a gift! She was able to recognize where our home needed the most attention to close up & clear out some not so desirable things, (which were targeting my son in his sleep). Jenny’s dedication to clear and cleanse our home gave my son relief & a sense of security again. Since our house clearing, my son has been able to sleep through the nights without waking up crying in terror & without being harmed, or waking up having marks on his body.
Jenny is someone we absolutely value, hold dear & are so blessed to know!
— Nicole P.

space/event blessing ceremony
on Location only

Whether celebrating a new space of business or home, or welcoming a new member into the family, a blessing ceremony calls in the most refined and light of energies to power up place and people, as well as desired outcomes.


commissioned ceremony
in-person or remote
$100/hr (1 hr increments)

When you would like to create a personal ceremony or rite of passage, we will work together to create a unique ceremony specifically tailored to your needs. Unique and sacred option for baby showers, bachelor / bachelorette parties, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

In a time when people are so disconnected from Mama Earth, our ancestors, creatures great and small . . . and each other . . . Bringing the ritual of despachos from the Andes, Jenny quenches a thirst we all have for an authentic and beautiful way to be grateful, celebrate, connect and commune with each other and the greater world around us! An oasis in the desert!
— P. Chaudhuri, MD, Commissioned Family Ayni Despacho Ceremony