Jennifer Craig

Luminous Healer, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Well-Being Trainer


Jennifer Craig, BA, LH, EMP

Jennifer Craig received her B.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences from the Pennsylvania State University in 1997, Summa Cum Laude, and various certifications in Luminous Healing and Shamanic Energy Medicine from specialized programs attended in the United States and abroad since 2012.  Jennifer’s training includes formal curriculum through the Four Winds Society Healing the Light Body School in California, as well as apprenticeships in Peru with world-renowned medicine people including Q’ero Paqo Don Sebastian Pauccar Flores and P. Ramon, an Amazonian Plant Medicine Shaman. Prior to 2012, Jennifer consulted in organic farming inputs and helped found a company in Colorado that specialized in worm composting.

Jennifer’s commitment to sustainable living and the wholistic integration of oneself, within a community, is a theme in her other interests.  Jennifer currently works with organizations such as U.S. based Whole Foods and award-winning organic CSA Leader “The Good Farm,” and will still provide one-on-one consults on worm composting as needed.  Jennifer is an active trail runner, enjoys healthy cooking, and cherishes all things with and about spirit, community and nature.

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