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Summer Solstice Festival!

  • Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center 628 Twin Ponds Road Breinigsville, PA, 18031 United States (map)

It’s Time to Celebrate Our Sun Again! (REGISTER HERE)

Throughout the ages, many cultures have celebrated the Sun, even on a daily basis. Their languages may have been different, their customs unique and their understandings highly individualized, but their inspiration has always been the same Sun. This shining orb of golden light in the sky warms us on a cool day, powers the flowers and trees and other plants around us, stimulates our ability to produce vitamin D3 and provides stunning sunsets and rainbows.

Taking a moment to settle into a deep reflection on the everyday gifts of the Sun helps us to connect to a source of light that is always shining, always giving of itself and never asking for anything in return.  All this as it consumes its own finite energy to provide our planet with light, heat and a prime example of selfless, yet magnanimous, service.

On Saturday, June 22nd, join us for 108 “Solstice Sun” Salutations beginning at 10:08am at Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center. There will be a High-Noon Fire Ceremony to release heaviness and call in blessings, followed by a free pot-luck community picnic lunch. Later that day, after a 2-5pm Solstice Despacho Ceremony, we will dance the setting sun down on the Ecstatic Dance floor 7pm-9pm.

$33 per event, $55 for 2 or $75 for the day (4 events). REGISTER BY 6/15. For more information, Call or Text Shamanic Solutions at 970-317-0118. PLEASE REMEMBER: All of my offerings are on a SLIDING SCALE basis. Do not let finances get in the way of participating in the Sacred.


Ayni Despacho
A Peruvian gratitude bundle ceremony in which we give breath and voice to our gratitude for all the elements of the seen and unseen world, such as the sun, the oceans, abundant crops, the stars, mountains, rivers, love, companionship, money, and on and on. All of these objects of gratitude are represented by various items such as sea shells, gold foil, glitter, raisins, and so on, and are lovingly and with great attention arranged within a wrapping paper by the Shamanic Practitioner.  
The Ayni Despacho is either burned, buried or put in a body of water by the Shamanic Practitioner and participants, depending upon the intention of the despacho. Traditionally, the intention of an Ayni Despacho, beyond expressing gratitude for all that already supports and enriches our lives, is to call in good crops, a good job, a relationship, or any number of other things we may want in our lives or in the life of our families and communities. AYNI DESPACHO DEMO VIDEO:

“Participating in Jenny’s Anyi Despacho Ceremony was a beautiful gift for my daughters and myself. I left feeling so rejuvenated and grateful. It was especially heart-warming to watch my daughters, who are often quite reserved, so openly and confidently participate in the ceremony. It was as if the ceremony itself drew them in and held them in a safe place. I am so grateful that Jenny is offering these ceremonies to the community, as I feel that they are integral to a healthy human existence.”

— A. Kocis, Memorial Day 2018 Ayni Despacho Ceremony

“Jenny is one of the most beautiful people I know - inside and out. The work she has done, and is doing, on herself and others is a testament to courage, compassion and goodness. It was an honor for me to participate in several despacho ceremonies that she has performed and I left with a sense of peace and renewal.”

— Kathleen

“In a time when people are so disconnected from Mama Earth, our ancestors, creatures great and small . . . and each other . . . Bringing the ritual of despachos from the Andes, Jenny quenches a thirst we all have for an authentic and beautiful way to be grateful, celebrate, connect and commune with each other and the greater world around us! An oasis in the desert!”

— P. Chaudhuri, MD, Private Ayni Despacho Ceremony

Fire Ceremony
A fire ceremony allows us to quickly achieve desired energetic results in the same way that fire allows a piece of wood to transform back into energy much more quickly than if it was left to decompose on its own.  The Shamanic Practitioner builds, lights and tends the Sacred Fire, and assists participants to make their offerings in a good way.

“Jennifer is a gifted and intuitive facilitator. Bringing respect and knowledge to the process and ritual of the fire ceremony. Feeling the surrounding forest come alive with her focus and shamanic way has been a pleasure to experience. Opening with gratitude to the six directions, the group is guided as a whole to bring forth their own individual intent with the support of those present. The process of releasing and manifesting are eased into with thoughtful word and chant. The feeling of simple peace and joy have at times made it difficult to remain focused on the drive home. Always look forward to her gatherings, as those involved bring great conversation and tasty treats for sharing afterwards.
Thank you Jennifer for bringing your knowledge and smiling face to our area!”

— Steven N., Plumber

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance, a modern free-form dance gathering, is an opportunity to break free and get your own personal groove on. Characteristic elements of an Ecstatic Dance gathering are a dance floor free of talking, street shoes and intoxicants, as well as a consensual space of safety, nonjudgementalism and respect.

Of course, indigenous and old-world cultures have practiced Ecstatic Dance for thousands of years as recreation, for healing, to bring the community together, to express soul through movement and to achieve inner union with the Divine. The modern Ecstatic Dance “movement” seeks to restore this beautiful and mindful dance gathering, as well as its many benefits, to dance lovers worldwide, regardless of superficial distinctions of age, gender, socio-economic status, political and religious affiliations, and so on.

On the Ecstatic Dance floor there are only souls who happen to have bodies. We dance out our joy, our sorrow, our longings, our wounds, our triumphs and, most importantly, our inner ecstasy. This is a powerful way to give voice to your soul, raise your personal vibration and get your life enterergy moving!

“Ecstatic Dance challenges all of my insecurities. I go into each session rigid with fear of judgment from the past month’s struggles, but through Ecstatic Dance I leave with a sense of calm, confidence and freedom. It allows me to express my true self through dance, and thus connect with people on a deeper level. I highly recommend Ecstatic Dance to all who have internal barriers they desire to break down”

— Cody M., (Ecstatic Dance Regular)

“It is fun and liberating to dance in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.”

— R. Graves, (Ecstatic Dance Regular)

“Ecstatic dance allows me to express myself without exposing myself to the judgmental glances of others. The freedom I feel during ecstatic dance allows me to let go of my own limiting assumptions about what proper dance is.”

— Christie G., (Ecstatic Dance Regular)

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